Living after Dying.

I miss him so much. Sometimes, I think about the last time I gave him a hug and a kiss, and I wish that I could go back to that moment so many more times.

My Grandpa was the best person I’ve ever known, tied only with my Grandma. He was a diamond in the rough, and every single day I think about all of the things he has taught me over the years.

Firstly, that family comes first. A real family never lets family leave the family. My Grandparent’s adopted my youngest uncle because my aunt had him when she was young and couldn’t support him. After raising twelve children, not many people would take on another, but he did. My Grandma once told my sister and I that the best place to be is with family, and that is so true. At least in my family, it is where I know that I will always be welcomed, loved, and appreciated. 

He also taught me to be welcoming to anybody else that comes into my life, and to treat them with respect and love. Anybody could walk through my Grandpa’s door and he would be so welcoming. You could never feel out of place in his house. A couple of my cousins are actually step cousins, but my Grandpa (and Grandma) have never thought of them as anything but their own as long as I can remember.

He taught me that helping others’, when you have the ability to, is very important. He was involved in the boys club in Dearborn, for over thirty years. 

I know that there’s a time to be quiet. I’m a Loiselle woman, so I might not use that time to be quiet, but I know that such a time exists. To just sit and let things be. Enjoy your company.

My Grandpa was so full of love. He always seemed like the most patient person, although that is probably something that comes with time (especially after raising 13 kids, and having 52 grandchildren) I hope that I can learn to be like that one day. To not harbor bad feelings with other people, to give love to everyone I see, and to be so patient with everyone. After all, you may not understand their whole story, and sometimes the only way to get their story is to be patient.

His smile was so contagious. I miss his Santa Claus beard, his hugs and kisses, his jokes.

I remember when we went to Florida, my light-up shoe broke, and it keep blinking non-stop. He told my parents to strap the shoe on the roof like a police light, because we’d get home a lot faster.

I just wish I had made it to see him one more time. I have so much to thank him for. He was an amazing person, and not only did my family lose that heart when he passed away, but the world did too. You don’t find many people so full of love anymore. 

I miss you Grandpa. More and more every single day. You keep on inspiring to be a better person. I hope I’m doing okay so far.





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