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II saw this quote not long ago, and it pretty much summed up a lot of thoughts I’ve had about society lately.

A couple weeks ago, I had the worst day full of customer service. The first one, I was at a McDonald’s drive thru. I worked at McDonald’s for five years, so I sort of know the ins-and-outs. So I pull up, and I was getting my boss some breakfast sandwiches with her money, and then I was going to buy a coffee for myself, because coffee. Anyway, I told the order-taker that I had two separate orders. She replied “I can’t do that.” . . . What? I’ve been through plenty of times and ‘gotten away with it’. It’s not that difficult, even if there isn’t a ‘button’, is it that difficult to communicate to your coworkers that the nice young lady in the grey SUV has both the sausage muffins and the caramel mocha? It just was off putting. When I work in customer service, I love to make people happy, and little things like that (which don’t take any time out of my day) are just one way to make someone else’s life easier for a few minutes. 

The second experience was at my local rite-aid. I was in buying some surgical soap for one of the residents at work. Since this is an odd product, I had to ask the cashier where I might find the product. I turn around from the first aid-ish aisle and see her walking toward me, so I ask “Hi, I’m looking for [insert product name here]. Where can I find that?” Without stopping, slowing down, or even replying to me, she walks right past me and points toward the floor and says “It’s down there in the teal box.” Alright. I grab it, head on my merry way to the front of the store. Meanwhile, charming register lady is doing something in the back of the store. I’m standing there for a few minutes before I noticed the squeaky toy on the counter with a note that says “Squeeze for assistance.” . . . what? So I work up the nerve to squeeze a f***ing squeaky toy to grab anybody’s attention and she yells “Yeah! I’m coming!” from the back. How endearing. Finally she strolls up and without saying a word rings me up, bags my soap, and walks away from the counter. 

Now, I know that a lot of the time, someone’s body language and such seem to be a reflection of the person they are interacting with. But I wasn’t rude at all. I am careful to never be rude or short or nasty toward anybody, let alone someone who works in customer service. They are serving me, so I’m going to be pleasant. And this lady just. . . wouldn’t have it.

I cannot stand how customer service is being handled anymore. I’m pretty young, so I can’t say that it wasn’t always this way, but I definitely don’t remember people being randomly rude to my parents at cash registers growing up. 

And not even just customer service- but in society as well! People just seem so unhappy. I don’t understand why. If I’m having a bad day, I don’t show it. I know a lot of people probably wear their hearts on their sleeves and cannot help letting it show- but don’t let it rub off on someone else for goodness sake! When I’m out in public, nobody knows my story or how happy or sad or lucky or hapless I am. I smile and am nice to people and I help people out. Why? Because nobody out there put me in whatever situation I am in that day. They are just a victim of time and coincidence and happen to be at the same place as I am. So why should I put a scowl on and make them uncomfortable?

I hate when people just look sad all the time. Working in a nursing home, I see a lot of sadness come in and out sometimes. And I understand sometimes you cannot help, in those situations, but to let it show. But goddamn if I don’t see some of the most unlucky people with some of the worst cards in the deck smiling and being at least pleasant. Because walking around upset isn’t going to change the situation, but letting someone at least put a smile on your face can at least let you forget about your problems for a few minutes. 

That’s where the good thoughts thing comes in. My boyfriend will probably attest that I am the worst worry-wort. I am constantly doubting myself and getting nervous and anxious over the silliest of circumstances. However, I don’t let anyone (except him, I suppose) see that side of me- because they don’t need to be getting solemn on my behalf. If you just keep good thoughts in your head, you will shine on, and spread that shine through everyone you come in contact with- which is something a lot of people could use a lesson on. 

Now, if someone could just spread this idea to the customer service people of today’s society, that would be great.

(but I guess that might be a whole different rant for a different day.)


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