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Valentine’s Day Bitterness.

Valentine’s day is upcoming, and I’m bracing myself for the “Valentine’s day is stupid” posts that will clog my feed from actual news stories, or from chuckling at the things other people post. For some reason, people just love to hate the holiday of love. And I’m going to tell you the truth, it bugs the hell out of me.

First of all, the people who say “I don’t need a holiday to remind me that I love him/her or that I am loved.” You’re right, you shouldn’t need a holiday for that. However, we all have busy lives (or at least I do). I tell my boyfriend daily how much I love him. But Valentine’s Day is an excuse to do something nice. To give him a card or a small gift just to remind him “Hey, the school year is getting rough, but remember that I love you and some good days come along.” I don’t feel that just because we celebrate Valentine’s day that he doesn’t love me the other 360 non-gift giving days. It’s not about the gift. It’s about having the chance (and excuse) to take time out of my schedule and show him my appreciation for him being around for me.

Then there’s the people who are bitter. They have a broken heart, and therefor don’t want you to be happy in your stable, loving relationship. Or, in your crazy whacko one. I hate these people. It is not my fault that somewhere things went wrong with your SO. I am just sitting here, trying to spread love and cheer and happiness, and you are raining on my parade. Just because you don’t have a SO to share this day with doesn’t mean you get to make me feel bad for being with someone. Get over it, and if you can’t, then take your attitude somewhere else.

Also, Valentine’s day isn’t just for the people you have a relationship with. Remember when you were a kid and your parents sent you to school with cards, a name on each one for a kid in your classroom? This year, I’m giving out fun valentine’s to all the residents at the nursing home I work at, because I love being around them and want them to know that. It’s not just about your SO, but everyone you love and appreciate in life, too.

Either way, stop making it seem like valentine’s day was invented by the devil himself. It’s a fun holiday to spread some love and give cute gifts and cards to the people you love, or just like having around. Just because it is a “Hallmark” holiday does not mean that it is not worth anybody’s time. I’m going to enjoy the next few weeks filled with candy and hearts and pink and cards. If you’re too good to celebrate the day because you love your SO 365 days a year instead of just one like the rest of us (/sarcasm), then at least don’t make the rest of us feel bad for it.

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